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CRM a CallCentrum

CRM and CallCenter

Throw away your contact memos. Business needs a system which is fast and reliable. Registration of clients and business cases supplemented by the CallCenter module? All at hand and at your disposal. And on top of that, all proven by abundant practice. Each order is unique, just remember that you are to set conditions.

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Intranet, helpdesk, knowlegebase

Intranet, Helpdesk, Knowlegebase

Do you like mass data mapping? Okay, let’s put it this way. Do you often have to map / match data in your system? Don’t make it too difficult for you. It’s the other way round, business effectiveness lies in simplicity and speed. We won’t give you a miracle product to do it for you, but it will definitely make your job a lot easier.

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Systém pro finanční poradce

System for Financial Advisers

The above combinations present the most frequent implementation projects. The individual modules, however, can be arbitrarily combined, extended and modified. Look for a solution to your problem with us and get rid of it.

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Moduly a možná rozšíření

Modules and Possible Extension

Using forms, data collection and their consequent interpretation, evaluation and presentation has never been easier. The unique FironForms solution will, at each time, provide you with current data in a lucid format without compromises. The solution allows customization for client needs.

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Formulářové řešení

Data Form Solution

Do you need to get assignments right that you give and receive? Does your email assignment not work well? We offer an effective team assignment solution through online FIRON application. Similar to assignment, your projects or job orders may be controlled in a well-organized environment of our application. It is online, therefore you have your projects, documents and assignment summaries available at each time.

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Úkolování a řízení projektů

Assignment and Project Management

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Customized Implementation Processes

Analysis and Specification

Problem Identification

Functionality Specification

Solution Design

The strongest UVM feature is our in-house development team who may process each order individually, thus maximizing client satisfaction with tailored solutions.

Design and Testing

Design and Testing

Pilot Run

Commercial Operation




Time and Finance

Time Schedule Definition

Exact Price Determination

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